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Information Notice for the tender of Technical Advisory Services for the implementation of the buildings of the Region of Epirus and Alexandroupolis' Prefecture under a PPP scheme

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Mon, 05/11/2007
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The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces a Τender under the title ''Tender for the selection of Technical advisor for the implementation of buildings accommodating public services through PPP''.
The Interministerial Committee of PPPs (DESDIT) has decided the reconstruction of ''Domboli'' building complex in Ioannina, of the Region of Epirus and the implementation of Administration Park building complex in the city of Alexandroupolis of the Prefecture of Rodopi- Evros / Prefectural Department of Evros, according to the provisions of Law 3389/2005 (GOJ A' 232)
The scope of services shall undertake, in form of a Partnership, the design, construction, financing, maintenance, facility management and securing, as well as the commercial development of limited premises for a period of twenty five (25) years from the start of the operation of the above buildings, in order to be fully available for exploitation. Especially, in the buildings of the Administration Park of Alexandroupolis, the selected SPV will have the opportunity for the disposal of electric energy from renewable sources of energy (photovoltaic), to the Public Power Corporation S.A. (DEH). 
The DESDIT has also decided for the hiring of a Technical advisor to support the Special Secretariat of PPPs in the drawing up of the tender documents, the assessment of the private operator's tenders and the know-how transfer as well as in the monitoring or the implementation of the contract subject and ensuring its quality, pursuant to art.6 par.4 Law 3389/2005, as amended by art.16 par.1 Law 3483/2006 (GOJ A' 169).
The Technical Advisor, in cooperation with the Financial and Legal Advisor to be selected by the Special Secretariat for PPPs, will support the Special Secretariat for PPPs and the Public Entities, during all the procedures of design, preparation of the proposed Partnership and the selection of the private partners to participate in the partnership scheme and especially, during the preparation  and the finalisation of the best kind of  partnership  and selection of the most appropriate SPV. Any details regarding the special subject of the services can be found in the Tender Notice documents.

Budget: 200.000, 00 euros, maximum, VAT excluded

Place of provision of services: Athens, Ioannina, Alexandroupolis

Language: Greek

Participant's requirements: Physical or legal persons independently, or in consortium or joint venture, operating mainly in the field of services, referred to in art. 3 of the Tender Notice and:
1. are registered in the Greek Designer Register or Design Office Register and, particularly, have the following Designer Certificate:
a)  C or D or E Class in category 06 'Building Architectural Design',
b)  D or E Class in category 08 'Static Design'
c)  D or E Class in category 09 'Mechanical, Electrological and Electronic Design'

2. come from countries members of EU, or EEA and which keep equivalent registers, and are registered in classes and categories of designs or services corresponding to those stipulated in par. 1 above

3. come from countries members of EU, or EEA, which do not keep registers such as those mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and are registered in the Professional/Trade Registers or in the equivalent registers of their countries, and have general experience corresponding to this resulting from the registration in the Designer Register or Design Office Register, i.e executive work force with experience in equivalent design categories

The above participants should fulfil the following minimum levels of financial adequacy:
Average turnover, over the three past financial years, over euros 1.500.000 proof of this provided by published financial statements. In the case of consortium or joint venture, the weighted average of the turnover of each member shall be taken into account, for the three (3) last economic years, on the basis of each member's participation percentage in the consortium or joint venture, provided that these members operate in the provision of services related to the subject of this tender. Minimum levels of standards are described in art.11, 12 and 13 of the Tender Notice.

Duration of contract: Eighteen (18) months

Legal form to be taken by the grouping of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded: Joint and several liability.

Criteria for awarding the contract: Most economically advantageous tender, according to the criteria mentioned in the tender documents and the relevant factors of significance, as mentioned in art.18 of the Tender Notice.

Guarantees: Bank Guarantee of 10.000,00 euros for participating in the tender, which shall be valid for a period of at least one (1) month after the expiry date of the tender. It is also required a good performance bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the project's budget (art. 16 of the Tender Notice)

Time Frame during which the Tenderer must maintain its Tender: six (6) months, starting from the next day of the deadline for submission of the tenders.

Deadline for submission of the tenders: 5th November 2007, at 15 o' clock

Date of the Tender: 5th November 2007, at 15 o' clock

Deadline for receipt of tender documents and provision of clarifications: Up to 30.10.2007, from the Offices of the Special Secretariat for PPP, 8 Karageorgi Servias Str, 2nd floor, Athens, PC 10184, tel: 2103375746, FAX; 2103375921
e-mail: sdit@mnec.gr, website: www.sdit.mnec.gr, information: Ms Helen Niarchakou, during working days and hours.

Athens, 27.09.2007

The Special Secretary of the PPP Unit

Leonidas Korres