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Information Notice for the Tender of Advisory Services for the implementation of the new General Hospital of Preveza through a Public Private Partnership

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Thu, 25/10/2007
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The Public Hospital Building Entity - DEPANOM S.A announces an international public tender with open procedure for the provision of Advisory Services for the implementation of the New General Hospital of Preveza through a Public Private Partnership.

The Tender is according to the provisions of Law 3389/2005 and the Directive 2004/18/EU regarding the ''Coordination of procurement procedures for works, supplies and services''.
The scope of the services includes the support of the Contracting Authority during the preparation procedure and the finalization of the Partnership's terms, as well as the selection of the most appropriate Private Vehicle (SPV), which through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) shall undertake the design, construction, financing, maintenance and facility management (cleaning, clothing, hospital and other waste management, food supplying), securing of the building and the provision of all necessary medical and hotel equipment, including its maintenance and replacement, as well as the commercial development of limited spaces inside the new General Hospital of Preveza, for twenty seven (27) years. The indicative budget for the aforementioned Hospital amounts to 109.000.000 euros.
The Advisor shall undertake the provision of financial, technical and legal services (Category 6, 11 and 12 Annex IIA, 21 Annex IB).

The budget of the contract amounts maximum to 1.200.000,00 euros, VAT excluded.
Place of provision  of services: Athens, Preveza, Greece.
Language: Greek.

Participant's requirements: At the tender can physical and legal persons participate, independently or in consortium or in joint venture, activated in the field (categories mentioned above), if themselves or their members:

1. Are registered in the Greek Designer Records and particularly have the following Designer Certificate:
(a) E' Class in category 06 ''Building Architectural Design'',
(b) E' Class in category 08 ''Static Design'',
(c) E' Class in category 09 ''Mechanical, Electrological and Electronic Design'';
Or come from countries - member of the E.U., which keep equivalent records, according to article 52 of the Directive 2004/18/EK and are registered in ranks and categories of designs or services equivalent to those of the above paragraph 1;
Or come from countries - members of the E.U., which do not keep records such as mentioned in the previous paragraphs or countries, that have confirmed the agreement for public joint venture of the World Trade Organization, that are registered in the Professional/Trade Records of Annex IX G of the Directive 2004/18/EK or in the equivalent records of their countries and have general experience relevant to the aforementioned Designer Record, and its executive work force has experience in equivalent designs categories.

2. The Legal Advisors should be registered in the local Bar Association.

3. The participants should fulfil the minimum levels of financial efficiency: (a) average turn over, during the three last economic years, over 10.000.000,00 euros, which shall be proved by published balance sheets, (b) average total turn over of the Financial Advisors of the joint venture in financial issues (corporate finance, project finance etc) during the three (3) last economic years, over 6.000.000,00 euros.

The time limit for completion of services: Eighteen (18) months.

Award criteria: Most economically advantageous tender.

Participation Bank Guarantee: 60.000,00 euros.

Deadline for submission of the tenders: 12-9-2007, 12.00 pm.

Date of the tender sent to the committee: 29-6-2007.

Receipt of tender documents and provision of clarifications: From the offices of DEPANOM S.A., 5 Tsoha Str., Athens, PC 11521. Six (6) days before the expiry date for the tenders' submission.
Tel. 210 8701600 Fax: 210 8701601, e-mail: ppp@depanom.gr.
Website: www.depanom.gr. Information: Ms D. Tzourmakliotou during working days and hours.