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Invitation for Expressions of Interest released for the “3-5 Pigadia” Ski Resort PPP in northern Greece

10.01.2013 - 12:50

An Invitation for Expressions of Interest was released today, for the upgrade, expansion and exploitation of the ski centre "3-5 Pigadia", as well as the development and exploitation of tourist and athletic facilities in the area, through a Public Private Partnership. Awarding Authority is the Municipality of Naoussa and the contract will be awarded through the competitive dialogue process.

The deadline for the submission of the expressions of interest is March 5th, 2013.

The private partner will develop the ski resort premises to a modern mountain resort of exceptional quality by enriching the activities available and by developing tourist accommodation and recreation facilities, as well as a Centre for Sports Tourism. The private partner will undertake the design, financing and construction, upgrade, maintenance, technical management and exploitation of the facilities, for a period of 40 years.

The ski centre "3-5 Pigadia" stands at an altitude of 1430-2005m and is about 17km from Naoussa city on the north slope of Mountain Vermion. Naoussa is a city in the Imathia peripheral unit of Greece, located just 90 km (approx 1 hour) from Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is connected by air with Athens and other European cities.

The area is characterized by long snow seasons, while the ski resort has already installed the only artificial snow system in Greece, with 4,5 km pipelines of water supply. The ski centre "3-5 Pigadia" has been established as a centre for preparation of athletic teams, since the beginning of the '80s, while the Centre for Sports Tourism will attract more athletes, either teams or individuals, for their preparation.

This project is a pioneer in the Hellenic PPP market, creating grounds for a wider use of PPPs by local authorities in Greece.

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