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Greece launches the first waste management PPP project

10.01.2011 - 19:11

Greece has announced the Expression of Interest for its 116,4m Euro waste management PPP project in the Region of Western Macedonia.

This PPP project involves the design, construction, financing, maintenance, facility management and operation of an Integrated Waste Management System.

The Contracting Authority of this project is DIADYMA SA (Waste Management System of Western Macedonia SA).

The private partner will undertake the following:

  • The design, construction, maintenance and operation of the central integrated waste management installations, which will comprise of a treatment and exploitation unit and a residues sanitary landfill. This unit will be constructed upon any proven technology that meets the targets set by Community Directives and the output specification set by the Contracting Authority. Moreover, the private partner will be given the right to commercially exploit the energy produced from the residues of the unit.
  • The maintenance and operation of the existing network of 9 waste transfer stations and their mobile equipment, when the treatment unit begins its operation.
  • The construction of one additional waste transfer station.

The capacity of the above mentioned unit starts from approximately 120.000 tonnes per year. The operational period of the project is 25 years following a 2 year construction period. The private partner will be compensated on the basis of availability payments during the operational period of the project.

This PPP project is part of the strategic plan of the Region of Western Macedonia. The construction and operation of the treatment unit comes to integrate the existing waste management system of the Region, thus creating a waste management model, completely compatible with the environmental strategy of the European Union. The implementation of this project ensures that the amount of waste to landfill decreases, the environmental impact of treating biodegradable waste is minimized, and that commercially exploitable products are produced.

The tender notice has been published (7/1/2011) in the Official Journal of the European Union.