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Eligible Projects

Rules on the eligibility of project expenditure, using JESSICA, are the same as those on the use of Structural Funds as a
whole, and also need to take account of any specific national constraints from the relevant priority axis of Operational
Programs which contribute sources to JESSICA. Apart from specific non-eligible items listed in the Regulations,such as
housing in some of the Member States, JESSICA may allow for more flexible management of projects, respecting at the
same time eligibility rules, provided always that the projects being supported form part of “integrated and sustainable”
urban development plans
. Ineligible expenditure components might, for example, be included as part of a larger, multi-
sector urban project, provided that sufficient additional funding is attracted from other private or public sources to finance
these ineligible components.

When considering which projects could make use of JESSICA funding, an integrated approach is necessary. JESSICA
funds could be targeted specifically at projects such as:

  • urban infrastructure, including transport, water/wastewater, energy, etc;
  • urban waste management;
  • heritage of cultural sites for tourism or other sustainable uses;
  • redevelopment of brownfield sites, including site clearance and decontamination;
  • office space for SMEs, IT and/ or R&D sectors;
  • university buildings, including medical, biotech and other specialised facilities;
  • energy efficiency improvements.