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Implementation of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System

Contracting Authority: 
Date of approval by the IM PPP Committee: 
Project Duration: 
12 years
Final Contractor: 
Date of Contract: 
Project Development Budget: 
69.800.000 €
7.000.000 €
34.000.000 €
Co-funded by the EU: 
28.800.000 €
Project type: 
Availability Payments
Type tendering process: 
Closed Procedure
Date Tender: 
Construction Period: 
Operating time: 
Project Finance: 
Project Description: 

The scope of the Partnership involves the design, financing, setting in operation, maintenance and facility management of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System for all the available means of transport of the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) S.A. that are currently in operation or will be in the future, within the wider region of Athens. The duration of the Partnership is 12 years. Contracting Authority of this project is "Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) S.A."

Within the framework of Athens urban transport, the operation of the existing fare collection system is obsolete and needs to be upgraded. The new project aims to solve a great number of problems, arising from the use of simple paper-tickets and old monthly boarding paper-cards, upgrading the services provided to the users of the public means of transport and improving the management and control of the financial parameters of "Athens Urban Transport Organization", through the adoption of flexible and low-budget price policies towards the users and a fair profit-allocation system between the transport entities that fall within the competence of "Athens Urban Transport Organization".
The estimated cost (NPV) of the availability payments that will be made by the Contracting Authority to the private partner that will undertake the project amounts to 82 million euros, plus VAT. It is underlined that the repayment of the Partnership will not be made from the profit, stemming from the fare collection, but from financial resources of 'Athens Urban Transport Organization", in accordance with its investment program.

The final cost to be paid by the Greek State will be determined, upon the conclusion of the contract award procedure.

Current Status: 
It is in operation